Adepticon 2016 RECAP

Adepticon Recap

Hey guys, I know its been a few weeks since Adepticon has happened but I’ve found a little bit of time for me to sit down and start writing about how I did in the singles. So with that being said lets move right into it!

First off this was my first Adepticon and it was a blast! I’m 100% going back next year. Hopefully I’ll manage to wrangle up a team to participate in the Team Tournament they do, because it looked to be a lot of fun.

For the singles if you didn’t know they broke it up into 2 days. Each day having 4 rounds, but only the top 16 would make it back for Day 2. So that was my goal, make Day 2. If you didn’t see my last blog post I was unsure of what to actually play in the Singles, spider knight or D knight? Well in the end I decided to go with the D Knight, my list can be found here. I actually decided to do that list as I was turning in lists to the Tournament Organizer. Anyway with that out of the way I headed to my table.

Oh and just an FYI these are going to be quick as its been a while. I really need to get better at writing things down as I play, take some pictures or just get these out faster.

Game 1

My first opponent was a Necron Decurion. Ugh. I have this mental block that I can’t beat Necrons. Its just something I’ve come to accept that only effects me. Onto his list

Destroyer Cult

D Lord and 3×4 Destroyers 1 with Heavy Destroyer

Reclamation Legion

1×5 Immortals

1×7 Lychguard


2×6 Tomb Blades

2×10 Warriors in Ghost Arks

This was a long grind of a game. I managed to get all the powers I wanted, except for gate. So meant I was going to just shove the Seer Council into him and hopefully get lucky and kill a few. What I remember from this game is that each heavy destroyer was able to pop a void shield every time they shot. I realize they’re S9 so its more than likely, but this guy never rolled lower than a 3 for them.

Since this was Mission 1 of the Adepticon packet I kept having to feed my smaller EJB units into the middle. I setup the terrain so I would have some LoS blocking terrain but his tomb blades were fast enough to get around them cause a wound and have them fall back out of the center. I managed to not get any progressive points in the game, but I didn’t let him get any either. The real turning point of the game was around turn 3 when he shot almost everything into my Wraithknight that had 4 wounds left sitting in 5+ cover. He managed to do 4 wounds and I then failed 4 5+ cover and FnP saves. Had the Wraithknight lived I would have been able to go into his Destroyers and just stomped them out. But because of that my seer council had to do the heavy lifting.

I was able to cast Vortex of Doom a bunch of times but I kept getting bad scatters not hitting anything. And every time I would wound him with shooting or other powers he would make his Reanimation Protocol. At one point he had his entire army clumped up, I was able to cast a WC4 Eldritch Storm on what I would say was about 2/3 of his remaining army on turn 4. He failed 3 Reanimation protocols from that. Once that happened I realized I probably wasn’t going to be able to win this. On turn 4 I split off Baharroth to enter on going reserves and turbo boosted the council towards the objective in his deployment zone. He moved tomb blades to contest my objective since I had my VSG claiming mine. On turn 5 Baharroth came down in the center of the board to cause blind tests to his 3 units of Destroyers, who all 3 managed to pass.  At this point he sent over a unit of 8 Warriors and 3 tomb blades over to contest his own objective against my Council. I managed to kill the 3 tomb blades but with his Reanimation Protocol rolls he was able to keep 3 Warriors alive. The game ended and he won, 18-12.

While I enjoyed playing, this game was tough. He was able to just make so many Reanimation Protocols I just didn’t know what to do. Luckily it wasn’t a bad loss and Adepticon being Battle Points determine who would get into Day 2, meant I still had a shot.

Loss – 12 Total Points

Game 2

My next opponent was a Gladius player. It was a pretty standard Gladius, it just had an Imperial Knight in it. What wasn’t standard was him using Salamanders Chapter Tactics. Normally I’d give a quick recap of his list, but he had so much stuff I just scanned his list and blacked out his name. You can find the list by clicking here.

First off I managed to roll zero fortunes this game. That’s right. 5 Farseers got zero fortunes. So what does that mean for my list? Well this happened once at BFS last year. It was a pain, but doable. It just means I have to split off my Farseers and cast guide and doom a bunch of times to kill stuff. Which is what I proceeded to do. I managed to pull a Gladius in the double Kill Point Mission Adepticon had, I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity.

We rolled off for first turn and he took it. He deployed his Knight in the center and his Razorbacks to the left and right of it. Though he only deployed two to my left (his right). So because of that I decided to deploy my VSG in my left corner and then bubble around that with everything. As this was Dawn of War I left only one place where a drop pod could drop into the shield to by pass the AV12 projected shields. It also just so happened to be pretty much on the board edge. Because of this he dropped his first pods into the center of the board and took some pot shots at me. I decided to buff up, move a few things into range do some shooting and then move back and wait for the 2nd wave of pods. His turn two his remaining pods came in, but because I was now able to fully block any pods arriving into the shield he decided to continue holding the center while moving his two rhinos up into my objective area and moving his iKnight away from my Wraithknight. My turn two I buffed up everything moved out of my bubble and went for the 8 Kill Points stopping me from scoring progressive (I say it was 8 Kill Points because he had 2 Rhinos and 2 5 man units inside). After I killed those he pretty much played keep away from me and I him. The problem is I out range his bolters. My Wraithknight kept plucking away at his iKnight, but he was on fire with his Invulnerable saves and I couldn’t roll a 6 to save my life. In the end we only managed to get to turn 5. I managed to pull ahead in Kill Points as he had a solid lead on progressive. My Win 27 points.

This wasn’t a very exciting game. We kind of just circled around each other waiting for someone to mess up first. Had I rolled fortune it would have been more exciting as I would have just threw the council into them and said get some.

Win – 38 total points.

Game 3

I was feeling good because I was able to get a good amount of points in my last game. So I was well on my way. I was talking to Matt (from our first battle report) who was also playing the same list and he was a bit weary of the next round. Apparently he always get placed against a Flying Circus type list, which is really hard for council to face because they just fly around killing your bikers as your council stays in a group until end game and they have to split and then the FMC can easily pick off Farseers. I was hoping I wouldn’t follow with Matt’s bad luck. Apparently I wasn’t so lucky:

Infernal Tetrad

4×1 Daemon Princes



Herald of Tzeentch

10 Pink Horrors

1×3 Nurglings

Well I knew how this game was going to play out. Luckily I managed to get all my powers that I could ever want. I took first turn, deployed in a corner with all my units in the VSG. He deployed his Daemon Princes out of 48″ range of the Wraithknight, he was really scared of the Double D-Cannons I had on him and then he infiltrated his nurglings onto one of the meat grinder objectives. Turn one I buffed up and gated in front of all his princes, I had marked for Death his Herald so I unloaded into that unit killing most of the Horrors and almost getting the Herald. His turn he put every single one of his Princes and Bel’akor into combat with the council. I kind of scratched my head here. I figured he’d ignore the council and move on to my bikers, but apparently he didn’t know Baharroth gave the unit Fearless, so his plan was to cause a wound or two and then sweep me in combat. What happened was I killed Bel’akor and another daemon prince round 1, hit and run out, shot up another Prince killed it and then he threw his remaining princes in there. I killed another one and at this point he gave me the game. We filled out our papers and were packing up and he asked if I wanted to play another game since we pretty much had 2 hours left. I agreed and he played it right the second time. I lost our second game, bad. Like exactly how I thought I was going to lose that game. But luckily the dude was a great sport and a man of his word so he gave me the 30-0 win.

Win – 68 Total Points

Game 4

Last game of the day! I knew I’d be tired, but man was I tired! Adepticon Singles is like a marathon you need to train for! My last game of the day and I was determined to do well. I felt like if I got a 30 I’d be on the cusp of making it to day 2. I felt good about the game until I saw my opponents list. . . .



2×3 Scat Pack

1×3 Jetbike

1×2 Shadowweavers





2×3 Scat Pack



1×1 Riptide with Skyfire, Interceptor

2×1 Riptide with Ion Accelerator and Interceptor

Woooo boy. This is a gut check list if I ever saw one. We started doing powers and I got everything I needed, so the council was a go for this. I rolled on the Escalation Warlord Trait table because I was looking for that 4 (-1 to stomp and D table) so I could laugh and melee his Wraithknights down. I didn’t get it, but I did managed to get a 6, which is all shooting attacks from the warlords unit is AP2 and rending. Which I knew would come in handy with my big scatter laser unit. We rolled off and he got to deploy first. So he deployed his VSG in the center with his riptides and Wraithknights on the flank. I deployed in a corner and then lined the Seer Council on my back board edge so if he decided to go first and target the unbuffed council he would hopefully scatter off with his pie plates. Because of this, he let me go first!

Turn 1 I moved the council up and buffed them. My Wraithknight shot 2 D-Cannon shots into one of his Wraithknights and I finally rolled my first 6 of the day off the D-chart. One Wraithknight down one more to go! His turn one he moved up his remaining Wraithknight and moved his riptides back. He shot a bunch into the council and then assaulted the council with his Wraithknight. I managed to do a few wounds in melee and luckily for me he didn’t get a 6 on his stomp in my council. I hit and ran out. On my turn I broke off the Warlord into the big Jetbike unit, declared the warlord trait and shot him up. I was able to kill his second Wraithknight and I was posed to psychic and melee his riptides out of the game. At this point my opponent said he sees the writing on the wall as he plays against a Seer Council frequently and we called it.

Win – 98 Total Points

So there we have it! I managed to get almost 100 points which I hoped would get me into day 2.  A few hours passed as I waited for the round to end. And turns out I managed to get enough points to score me 15th place in battle points! Day 2 here I come!

Game 5

Day 2 started out by checking in with the organizers and waiting for pairings. We had 2 drops so that moved me up in the rankings for day 2. So my first round was against Frankie from Frontline Gaming. His list can be seen here.

This game was fun to play and was pretty quick honestly. I managed to get, once again, all the powers but Gate. We rolled off for first and Frankie gets it. He deploys on the line and I deploy in my corner blocking out the VSG. Frankie scouts up and then UNLOADS. He popped the void shields with Meltas only after 3-4 shots. Manages to kill a EJB squad and put 2 wounds on the Wraithknight. My turn I buff up, throw a Vortex at Kahn and friends and shoot some transports doing nothing really. I also moved up a EJB squad into the center to stop him from scoring progressive. I also assault a unit of his scouts with my Wraithknight, killing them but only rolling a 2 instead of a 3 to get back into cover. I figured the Wraithknight would be okay since he was also invisible. His turn 2 he pops devastator doctrines and unloads into the Wraithknight, with one unit of devastators he does 7 hits and causes 4 wounds. Since I wasn’t in cover (needed 1 more inch) I failed all 4 or my FnP and removed the Wraithknight. He then charges the remainder of his Command squad into melee with my Big Bike Unit. On my turn I move a 3 man bike unit into the center and decide that my council has to go into combat and bail out my Big Bike Unit (which by this time is looking to be a small bike unit). I do a bunch of wounds and Frankie manages to save all but one. On Frankies turn he moves his Assassin into range of my council and my Big Bike Unit turning off fortune on the Council and Invis on the Bike Unit. At this point I looked at the board and determined I couldn’t get out of the Assassin’s range because I didn’t have Gate. If I had that I would have had a game, but since I didn’t I decided to call it.

And that was my Singles experience! In the end I had a blast and had a few more things gone in my way I think I could have won that last game. Granted it would have been extremely tough but I think I could have done it. Regardless that’s where it ended for me. I’m happy with how I placed and I managed to get 30th overall, which is pretty cool as well. I’m extremely pumped for next year and I hope I can do better!

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  • devianid

    I like the report! Shame it ended game 5 on day 2, but its better to lose to frankie then some other people. As an aside, gate, a blessing, is immediately turned off by the assassin so you wouldnt be able to gate out even if you had rolled it.

    • Thanks! And yeah couldn’t have lost to a better guy. As to the assassin my council has a 12″ move and the way the Assassin was positioned I could have easily moved out of his aura and gated. But even if I had gate it was over regardless. Once I lost the Wraithknight it was all down hill. :/

      Oh well there’s always next year!

  • That melee in the corner looked brutal. Poor mr knight. He just wanted to hug all the space marines!

    • Yeah it sucked. Once his command squad wouldn’t die and he trapped me there I knew I was done for. Never leave home with that Assassin, especially now with the new SM powers lol

      • Ya those new powers….fun times. I’ll just move my walkers 6 inches each turn, like it was 5th edition.

        • back in my day we used land raiders and we liked it! 😛