LVO Recap Day 2 and 3


Hey all I’ve finally found some time so I’m going to post up Day 2. Its been so long so details might be fuzzy. More after the break.

So I was determined to try and go 4-2 and with a new day I was ready to try it!

Day 2

Game 4

My round 4 opponent was playing Eldar, he played against my friend on day 1 and he gave him some trouble so I knew I had to do some work. His list was:

Autarch with Warp Spider Jump Generator

Farseer on Bike

2×3 Scat Packs

5 man Scat Pack with Warlock

2 Crimson Hunters

1×2 Hornets

Spider Wraithknight

Void Shield Generator

Aspect host with 2×6 Swooping Hawks and 1×10 Warp Spiders

Like I said the details are a bit fuzzy here because its been so long. But I remember this, I didn’t get invisibility, AGAIN! Regardless the deployment was hammer and anvil. I set up on the line and then scouted moved and waited for his shooting. Which was minimal. He moved his spiders up to shoot me, then ran away and spread them out in a way to stop me from multi charging a lot of his things. He did however leave me enough room to charge his Wraithknight, which I did and didnt’ kill out right, meaning I was “stuck” in combat during his turn. His turn he pretty much saw the writing on the walls. I was in his deployment and if he stayed there he wouldn’t be on the board. So he essentially took all his stuff and put it into my deployment, only leaving his Warp Spiders, Autarch, VSG and hornets. The next few turns saw me just killing everything he left. We had essentially switched deployments. He had however broken off his Autarch which was his warlord from the spiders and tried to run away and not give me Slay the Warlord. Unfortunately for him I was able to catch him in a multi assault with his VSG. With that being said we ended our game. I managed to win with 7 points. Not too shabby.

Win 2-2

I was on my way to getting my personal goal!

Game 5

My next opponent was playing Skyhammer, with a White Scars CAD and a Skitarii Battle Maniple. It was a really interesting list and I had no idea how much ignores cover the Skitarii was packing. Oh man after he explained it to me I didn’t know what was going to do and it didn’t fully settle in how bad this was for me until he started dropping his stuff in. His list:


2×10 Devastators with 4 Grave Cannons

2×5 Assault Marines with Melta Bomb

White Scars CAD

Librarian with Hunters Eye and Auspex

2×5 Marines with Melta Gun and Drop Pod

3 Drop Pods

Sicarian Battle Tank with the Mars Legacy

Skitarii Battle Maniple

2×10 Vanguard with 3 Arc Rifels and Omnispex

1×9 Vanguard with 2 Plasma Claviers, Phospheonix and Omnispex

So yeah, that list is just FILLED with ignores cover. The bane of my list. I won the roll to go first and let him go first. I didn’t know how he would deploy and I wanted to try to counter the Sicarian Tank so my Darkshroud could actually live. His deployment was pretty much the Sicarian and that was it. I deployed in a corner to help make it harder for him to pod in and I tried to hide my Dark Shroud as best as I could. With that being said his turn 1 was ruthless. He moved his Sicarian and was able to see my Darkshroud, his pods all hit where he wanted them too and his Assault Squads took cover in terrain far away from me. His shooting was awesome. He took away most of my cover with all of his Skitarii. When it was all said and done, I only had 1 wound remaining on my Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Azreal and a few Cyber Wolves. I had some terrible saves, like some of the worst I’ve ever had. At the end of his turn 1 I decided to call it. I figured I’d be able to take out one or two of the squads that just came down, but I would quickly run out of steam with all his ignores cover.

Loss 2-3

Well it looks like I wasn’t going to be able to get my 4-2 goal! But I did say I’d accept a 3-3. Looks like I have to win my last game in order to not feel like my singles showing was a bust!

Game 6

My last game of the singles was versus a CentStar list. It wasn’t as nasty as a CentStar could be but it could still be scary. The list:

Ultramarines CAD

Chapter Master with Powerfist, Bike and Shield Eternal

Chief Librarian Tigurius

2×5 Scout Squad

5 Centurion Devestators with Grav Cannons and Omniscope

Fire Raptor Gunship

Nemesis Strike Force


Strike Squad

2 Dreadknights with Powerfists, Heavy Psycannon and Personal teleporter


This game would depend on if my opponent got Perfect Timing. If he didn’t, he didn’t stand a chance. We rolled for powers and I FINALLY got invisibility! That’s 2 out of 6 games with 6 rolls! Man I was really happy to see it this game. My opponent however didn’t roll up Perfect Timing. He did however get first turn. So he deployed everything with the Centurions, he then infiltrated one Scout squad into a building in his deployment zone and then the other one into the ruins in the center of the board. I deployed everything on my line but decided not to scout because the scouts were in perfect striking distance. I then decided to roll to seize, and I got a 6. From there it just went down hill for my opponent. I moved up, cast invisibility and then ate the scouts in the middle for first blood. He moved his Dreadknights and broke off his Chapter Master into charge range of my Thunderstar. He then Gated his Centurions into my deployment and tried to shoot the Thunderstar. With invisibility 4++ on cyber wolves it did nothing. He charged in and I was able to put a few wounds on his Dreadknights. I decided to Hit and Run out right towards his CentStar. I then encircled his CentStar making sure the closest models were Centurions and not Draigo. I was able to kill the Cents with Plasma Talon shooting and took care of the squad in assault. His next turn he charged the Dreadknights into combat and I rolled really hot, I took both them out and his Chapter Master only had one wound left. At this point my opponent decided to call it.

Win 3-3.

With that being said my last opponent was a great sport about everything. And he had a gorgeous Grey Knight army, here’s a picture I took of it:

So that was day 2! It was a blast and being able to go 3-3 was okay. I wish I had done better and in the end I probably should have brought my Eldar and maybe I would have went 4-2 like I wanted, but who knows? Regardless I had a blast in the singles and I do plan on going again and if you’re on the fence you should jump off and go!

Day 3

Now with the ending of Day 2, that means I can move into Day 3. I had intended to do a separate post about Day 3, but with how fuzzy I am with my singles I don’t think I’ll have enough memory about Day 3. With that being sad Day 3 was the Team Tournament. I had wanted to put a team together for this, but kind of fell short. During the event a few friends of mine all came to the conclusion we weren’t going to be in the Top 8 and move onto Day 3 for the singles, so we decided to take our lists into the Team Tournament.

Now if you’re not familiar with the Team Tournament it is much like ETC. Where instead of teams of 8, there were teams of 6. You would get assigned your opposing team, switch lists and develop a pairing strategy. Once that was done you’d come back to the table and roll off to see who would “defend” first. Meaning one team would throw out a list and the other team would throw down a list they thought would be good against it and then those two people would play. The points earned are toward the total team points. Once a certain amount of total points was hit that would be marked down as a win for the team. Anyway we managed to put a hodge podge of singles lists that would do sort of well in a Team environment. I brought my inquisitors with me so that means my Thunderstar list became more like James Watkins’ list and that freed up Space Marines so we could have a Gladius. Are list were as such:

Eldar – Seer Council

DA/SW/Inquisition  – Thunderstar

Daemons – Some Daemons nonsens with a Tzeentch Knight

Necrons and Tau



I won’t go into details about each game, but pretty much I played 3 great opponents. While I didn’t get any blow outs, I did win all 3 of my games. They were 11-9 victories but they were still victories none the less. We also had Kurt who has a great head for pairing. It was so good that we did end up being the ONLY team going 3-0 in the Team Tournament. But also our team was pretty much a ringer team and I rode their coattails to victory! Our prize was actually really awesome, we all were able to walk away with awesome Medals AND a FAT Mat of our choosing. I went and chose the High-Tech City mat as I love urban areas and I already have Urban 1 and don’t really care for Urban 2. The High-Tech City mat is quickly becoming my favorite mat of the 4 I own.


Final Thoughts

LVO 2016 was a blast! And I can’t wait for next year. If you’ve ever thought about going I recommend you do. The Frontline Guys threw a great event! I think the only few downsides you’ve probably already heard by now. Paying $4-$6 for a tiny bottle of water, the food being just okay in the hall (and pretty expensive to boot) and the shorter rounds (time wise). But even with those few complaints, it was a ton of fun! Getting to run around Vegas, playing with toy soldiers and meeting new people? What else could you want in an event?

And that is that for LVO 2016! So whats on my plate next? Well obviously I have to edit the one Battle Report I have in my que, which is done with the old ITC Missions so I’m not sure if I want to expend the effort or not on that. I probably will since I already filmed it. Also next event that I’m attending is Adepticon, I’ve also signed up for the De-La-Warr Open and then of course I need to find time to record another Battle Report! So stay tuned and until then happy gaming!

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