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Hey Guys,

I know it’s been a while and that my last post was right before Delawarr. Well a few things have happened to me. I managed to finish my undergraduate and I’m officially graduated. I’m now just waiting for that diploma to get into my grubby little hands. It was a long and tough journey (discrete math is a terrible blight on humanity) but I’m glad that’s over with. Now what does this mean? I’ve got a lot more free time on my hands! So I’ve been thinking of what I’d like to do with my new found free time. What I should be doing is painting up all the stuff that I have just laying around. As I was cleaning up my home office I found more unopened boxes to add to my shame pile. But of course that’s not going to happen. What did happen is that the Hearthstone bug has bitten me again. But that won’t affect my 40k playing too much, I’ll still be running monthly events and playing every Friday evening at Huzzah Hobbies.

Delawarr Header

Speaking of 40k I should do a quick recap of Delawarr. Round 1 I was paired against a friend and great player Brad Nicholes, who coincidentally brought the hard counter to my list. Culexus Assassin in pod with a bunch of Tau shooting. Needless to say that was a lose. Round 2 I played against a Daemon Flying Circus, and what I thought would happen, happened. He flew around killed my troops, I ran to his troops and killed them. We changed deployment zones and I managed to get more points to win. Which is pretty much what we both expected. It didn’t help that his Fatey had a perils, grounded and then was eaten by my Barkstar. Round 3 I played against Sasha Edelkraut who was playing a Daemon Incursion list filled with Slaanesh Daemonettes, Seekers and their chariots. 3d6 Hammer of Wrath hurts, a lot. This game we both knew if I didn’t roll up invis it was going to be a hard game for me. Well my notoriousness for never rolling powers I need, happened again. Another loss. The next day I went up to the organizer, Steve, and told him that if he had odd number of players that I’d drop and help judge. Round 4 he did so I dropped, round 5 he did not so I played ringer against another Daemon Flying Circus list, this time with a Renegade Knight. The same thing happened as my Game 2. We switched sides and I just ate what was on the ground. Game 6 he had another drop so I helped judge the top table between Eric Hoeger and Andrew Gonyo. That game would have been a good one, had Gonyo’s dice not left him. It was insane how much they sucked, towards the end Eric was trying to help him get butcher bill points and Gonyo just couldn’t do it.

While I dropped from the event, that was in no way a reflection of it. I had a great time overall, Steve ran a great event and his prize support was off the hook. The 2nd to last player (person who went 1-5) got essentially what was a new Mechnicum army. It was insane. And I will be attending next year! The reason I dropped is because I just didn’t like how the Barkstar played. It was just a worse thunderstar that depended on powers way too much. That just confirms to me that I shouldn’t just take whatever list to an event I go to. But the real problem with this revelation is I’m back to the drawing board for ATC. I’ve got a list kicking around in my head, but it’s tough. I always get excited to play this big star type of list and to my Dark Angels on the table. But then I play and I just don’t enjoy playing it. One unit go forward and kill, oh look I did just that. Oh you split up so I have to choose a side to kill and I need to kill everything? Cool, that’s a loss. Thunderstar is just so tough to make a list without the SM conclave that’s good all around. And since one of my ATC teammates is playing Space Marines I can’t go with SM conclave as one of my detachments. I can go to the Dark Angels Conclave but then you only get two Iron Priests with 1-3 Cyberwolves. Meaning you don’t have enough fodder in there to take challenges or extra wounds. I have one list I kind of like, I just need to play it.


The problem is I have no urge to play a Thunderstar right now, which is a shame because I’m currently running/playing in a travel league, Huzzah Hobbies Road to the NOVA Open 2016. The list I’m playing is actually very Thunderstar esque. I can’t really go into the details of it as I’m testing it for a friend that plans on taking the list to a major team event. But it’s a lot of fun. Mainly because it’s essentially a thunderstar that doesn’t require the psychic powers as its got a built in reroll. The not so good part is Techmarines don’t get very many attacks standing still and aren’t S9-10 (depending on your format).

I really wanted to make battle reports of these games, but because I’m testing, I can’t really do that. Though I do have a couple in the backlog. I’ve got one of me and Matt for Adepticon practice (super late I know!) and then I have one from Aidan and Evan from Facing the Grey Tide. I’ll probably start editing and uploading the one of Matt and I tonight and then make a post about it tomorrow.


So what is the purpose of this post? Well it’s for me to release my perspective gaming schedule and hopefully be more consistent about updating and creating content. My plan is, since school is done, to do more gaming related activities. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Sunday – House Work and Gaming, be it Video or Tabletop
  • Monday – Wife’s day, the holiest day on the schedule
  • Tuesday – Gaming, be it Video or Tabletop
  • Wednesday – Blog Post and editing/posting Battle Reports (if I have them)
  • Thursday – Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder (oh yeah I do all types of gaming!)
  • Friday – 40k Friday Night at Huzzah
  • Saturday – House Work and Gaming, be it Video or Tabletop

With this schedule it means I’m going to try to put out weekly content. Games Workshop puts out so much stuff that I probably could do that, but we’ll see what happens. I should probably do an article on the Draft FAQ/Death From the Skies. Though knowing me I’ll have all the intention to do a weekly article, but will inevitably not do it.

Anyway, as to the gaming if it’s 40k, I’ll try and record it. I think my goal for Battle Reports is 1-2 per month which I think I can do. With video games I’d like to start streaming while I play. I’ve got a RTG twitch channel setup (https://www.twitch.tv/roguetradergaming) with the intention of streaming Warhammer 40k Games. But since i don’t have a good place to stream in my house, my 40k playing area has been converted to storage until further notice, the channel is not being used. Now that’s not to say I’ll never want to stream 40k games, just now it might be only for video games. Which is fine, I created Rogue Trader Gaming so I could do all types of games, not just Warhammer, as I go through ebbs and flows with games. This just happens to be the longest Warhammer 40k one. Which isn’t to say I plan on stopping to play. I do really enjoy the game, I just might not play as much as I thought I would while I was still in school because a game of hearthstone is faster/easier to play than an entire Warhammer 40k game.


Which leads me into Hearthstone. I’m really enjoying the game again. The Whispers of the Old Gods expansion is a lot of fun. The fact that you can just jump right into ranked with the different formats is awesome. I really like that the classic set will always be valid in standard so it makes you feel like getting those cards aren’t a waste. I haven’t tried wild as I don’t have any of the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion cards. I only really have Classic and Whisper cards, with a few choice Argent Tournament cards. The splitting of the standard helps new and old players alike. I’ve got a few decks that I like, my N’Zoth Paladin deck and Tempo Warrior Deck, and I was doing pretty well with them. I managed to get up to rank 15, but the past few days I’ve slid down to rank 19. Which is very frustrating. I tried out AKAWonder C’Thun Warrior deck which I like a lot. I plan on disenchanting a lot of my gold cards to get the Twin Emperors. I was playing it a little bit with Crazed Worshipper, but I think Twin Emperors is better overall.  I’m doing this because while I like Tempo Warrior, if you don’t draw the right tempo you’re kind of screwed. And with N’Zoth paladin if you don’t draw your clears versus aggro or zoo you’re also just as screwed. The C’Thun warrior I feel has that mix of control and aggro that is needed in the higher ranks. As the meta is drastically different from game to game than it is at the lower ranks. As it was told to me “oh you’re rank 15? Yeah thar be dragons there.” Which means you have to adapt and I think C’Thun warrior does that very well. So if you’d like to see my epic slide, I’ll be posting on the RTG Twitter and Facebook when I go live. Also if you’d like you can add me to your battle.net friends: elphilo#1115.

Well that’s it for now, as I’m sure most of the non Warhammer players have already closed their browser. I’m off to start editing the next battle report! Until next time, happy gaming!

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