Hey guys, so you’re probably wondering whats going on with the blog? Well a friend of mine was hosting the site on a web-server of his, but it recently was hacked and he decided to just nuke it from orbit and start over again. Because of this I’m now transferring stuff over to my own web host. And with that being said I had a few blogs that I needed to get over and with Mid-Terms, kitchen renovations, work and a senior project to work on RTG was pushed to the back burner. Over the next few days I’m going to get this site up to shape and hopefully get LVO day 2 up. I’ve saved LVO day 1 and that’ll be going back up as well.

So I’m not dead, not yet! But I do have delays. Hopefully I can knock out my spider wraithknight on Saturday and actually play with it at Game Vault’s RTT on Sunday. I was hoping to make Saturday be the day I edit Video Battle Report 2, but with my recent kitchen renovation my original day to paint up the Spider Knight became the day where I vacuum and sweep up the main floor. So things are getting pushed around a bit.

With that I go back to work on the site! Until next time, Happy Gaming!

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